Thursday, 14 October 2010

SOLO search tips: books with more than one edition or format

When you search for a book on SOLO, it may sometimes appear at first glance that the library doesn't have the edition that you need. But don't panic! SOLO often groups the different versions of a title together - e.g. multiple print editions of a book, or the print and electronic versions of a book or a journal - so that they intially appear as a single entry in your list of search results. Whenever this happens, you will see a message telling you that this is '1 of n versions of this work'.

 If you click on this message, you can see the different versions listed individually.

In this example, the two different versions are an electronic and a print edition. You can then click on Online resource to read the e-book, or click on Details (and then View this item in OLIS) to check the location and availability of the print edition, in the usual way.

For more information on searching SOLO, have a look at the online guide.

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  1. This trips up our students all the time. Thank you for such a clear explanation!