Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Welcome to your Library!

A very warm welcome to all our new students - we look forward to meeting you soon. Library inductions for new undergraduates will be taking place throughout this week; the timetable is below:

Tuesday 4th October

11.20  CAAH, Archaeology & Anthropology, History, Ancient & Modern History, History & Politics
11.40  Law, Law with Law Studies in Europe, English

Wednesday 5th October

9.00  Physics, Engineering
9.20  Theology, Philosophy & Theology, Music
9.40  Geography, Human Sciences

Friday 7th October

9.00  Chemistry
9.20  PPE, Economics & Management
9.40  Modern Languages, Modern Languages & Linguistics
10.00  Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biology
10.20  Maths, Computer Science, Maths & Statistics, Maths & Computer Science

In the meantime, you can begin to get to know the Library by watching our video:

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